Jack Meriwether

(b. 1992)
is a poet and performance artist from Ohio currently living in Brooklyn, New York.



Sit down saying

What’s it all about?

How the hell

Does everybody know

But me?

The world is burning

And I want you.

I am unsaveable

And dead with

My longing, but

Laugh louder now!

I want to

Hear you

Cracking the whip

From across the park.

I am hungry for reckless embodiment

And a healthy

Amount of stupidity.

I am such a

Dumb little bitch

And the voice

Of my generation.


I am so good at saying

All there is to say.

It is important

To be hot and


Deride the derisive.

Divide the divided.

Be diverse and full

Of saneness.

But really:

Look about and

Sniff the air

Every morning

Upon waking.

Find a way to be


And doubtful.

Feel the fear

And rock forward

With verve

And charm anyway.

It’s about propaganda

And pride he said.

It’s about imagining a future worth staying alive for!

I said

As we turned

Away from Lover’s Rock

Toward home.

You really shouldn’t trust

My voice when it’s so hot

With vomit and


I am higher

Than I’ve ever been

In my life

And missing everyone

I’ve ever met.